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Danah-Lee is an Ottawa Valley singer songwriter and music educator.  For the last decade, Danah has been teaching many musical minds, young and old.  And still, she makes time for her own creative works.


Groundwork for Danah’s musical knowledge began at a young age, when she would literally steal music out of the trash after Sunday morning church services. Danah was determined to learn the complexities of chords, vibrations, and sounds; wanting to know how each flowed together to create music. Since then, Danah has learned how to use her knowledge freely and has developed a framework for creating music and expressing what is happening internally.


Danah studied music and obtained her degree at Taylor University College in Edmonton.  As well, earning a Contemporary Voice Teaching Diploma from the Voice College - music is her life’s work and passion.  After many life altering events, Danah put all of her love and energy into building her dream of teaching students of all ages.  The award-winning music school, More Than A Song Studios  is “Music Education Done Differently”.


​With a voice described as “crisp, pure and powerful,” Danah-Lee has been singing songs that share snippets into her life experiences.


Fall 2020


Danah-Lee is in the process of creating a small EP - "These Are A Few Of My Favourite Hymns".  The first single "Fall On Me" is coming to ALL streaming platforms on November 6, 2020!  

"Fall On Me" was co-produced by Danah-Lee and eighteen year old André Mergulhão, (a young music producer, living in the hills of Portugal), tracked by 15 year old Jérémie Tessier, and mastered by Grammy Award-Winning Engineer, James Auwarter. 


More details will emerge in the coming months about this new and special project.

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